This component displays an image, which can come from a local source or from the network. It supports JPEG, GIF and PNG formats.

If child elements are specified, the image acts as a background, and the children are rendered on top of it.


// Alternate text to display if the image cannot be loaded
// or by screen readers
accessibilityLabel: string = undefined;

// HTTP headers to include when fetching the URL.
headers: { [headerName: string]: string } = undefined;

// Called when an error occurs that prevents the image from loading
onError: (e: SyntheticEvent) => void;

// Called when the image successfully loads
onLoad: (e: SyntheticEvent) => void;

// Android-specific resize property
resizeMethod?: 'auto' | 'resize' | 'scale'; // Android only

// Determines how to resize the image if its natural size
// does not match the size of the container
resizeMode: 'stretch' | 'contain' | 'cover' | 'auto' | 'repeat';

// Rasterize contents using offscreen bitmap (perf optimization)
shouldRasterizeIOS: boolean = false; // iOS only

// URL to image
source: string = undefined;

// See below for supported styles
style: ImageStyleRuleSet | ImageStyleRuleSet[] = [];

// Tooltip for image
title: string = undefined;


**Image Resizing**
resizeMode: 'contain' | 'cover' | 'stretch';

Flexbox Styles

View Styles

Transform Styles


// Returns the native width and height of the image. Can be called only after
// the onLoad has been called and only while the component is mounted.
getNativeHeight(): number;
getNativeWidth(): number;