This component displays a hyperlink. On the web, it translates to an <a> tag.


// For non-zero values, truncates with ellipsis if necessary
numberOfLines: number = 0;

// Called when the mouse cursor enters or leaves the view bounds
onHoverStart: (e: SyntheticEvent) => void = undefined;
onHoverEnd: (e: SyntheticEvent) => void = undefined;

// Event called when the touch or mouse button is released 
// within the bounds of the view and the press has not been canceled
onPress: (e: SyntheticEvent) => void = undefined;

// Can the link be included in a text selection?
selectable: boolean = false;

// Text for a tooltip
title: string = undefined;

// URL to follow for hyperlink
url: string = undefined;

// See below for supported styles
style: LinkStyleRuleSet | LinkStyleRuleSet[] = [];


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Transform Styles


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